moving image festival


15 June - 24 July 2020

  • DEMO Contagion is an online moving image festival, whose aim is to address the topic of Contagion through a series of works by moving image artists and researchers. Taking the current Covid-19 crisis as a starting point, the notion of Contagion will be explored as an aesthetic and political paradigm. A series of screenings, newly commissioned special projects, and a reader will be presented on DEMO’s online platform.

  •   The online platform, designed by Pekka Airaxin and programmed by Akinsola Lawanson, is an uncanny virtual scene where the entire diversity of the festival programme is embedded into a conflation of natural and manmade objects frozen in time. The virtual scene mirrors the design problem of the pandemic: the virus contaminates the collective human body as a result of the continuously advancing intrusion of human culture and infrastructure into the sphere of wildlife. The scene further invites one to consider the precarity of a human managed planet — one of the underlying themes of the festival. Each work on the platform is presented individually and is available for a limited period of time.

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes’ Together Alone project


Nordland School of Arts and Film



DEMO Team 
Felice Moramarco - Artistic Director felice(at)
Caterina Avataneo - Curator caterina(at)
Giulia Ponzano - Press & Communication giulia(at)

Natália Trejbalová - Visual Identity 
Pekka Airaxin - Online Platform Designer

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